Our Staff

Our Expert & Well Experience Staff

Mark Randy

Marketing Director

Mark is the marketing director (and most everything else) at Goldclick. He is highly regarded as one of the top marketers in USA and a true multichannel specialist with professional experience in SEO, Email, SEM, Social Media and Content Marketing.

Charlie Stone

PPC Specialist

Charlie is our PPC guru. Whether remarketing, Facebook Ads or a display campaign, he’s the guy. When he’s not building businesses, Charlie is writing a book. When it’s done, we’ve promised him at least three sales. Maybe four if his mom buys a copy.

Jill Powell

Support Staff

Jill is the glue girl. Anything that needs to be fixed, she’s on it. She holds the whole company together with her passion for small details. She ran her own cafe in Richmond before realising coffee art was not her calling.

Our Loyal Staff


“It’s not who we are underneath, but what we DO that defines us.” Batman isn’t really on our team – but a couple of staff would rather remain behind the scenes. For all those who help us along the way whether on this page or not, this is for you. You’re Batman.

We’re a hard-working, fun and talented professional team working toward becoming the best marketing agency in the southern hemisphere. You are going to be challenged. You are going to learn and be required to get or stay certified in your expertise. You are going to grow more than you ever thought possible and create a career in an industry full of “jobs.”


We would love to be part of your success